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Abandoned Cart Email Templates & Workshop

Tired of spinning your wheels on why your traffic isn’t converting to sales? Look no further than the Abandoned Cart Email Templates & Workshop.

This all-in-one “cheat sheet” is your one-way ticket to setting up an automated income stack that generates REAL revenue and turns those “almost bought it” clicks into “so happy I got it” customers. 

This email marketing workshop offers: 

👩‍💻 On-Demand 3-Hour Workshop - You’ll Leave with Your Automation DONE. (I promise, it’s not as scary as it sounds!) 🤗
💌 4-Part Abandoned Cart Email Series Template (packed with all the info you need and nothing that you don’t!) 💪

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Alllllll the Details

Jump into the Abandoned Cart Email Templates & Workshop, and watch as those once-lost sales come rushing back. 🙌

When I implemented this simple series, it converted at 20.43%, reclaiming $8,850 in sales, all with about 90 minutes of work from me. Sounds too good to be true? Ha. Welcome to email marketing automation!

👉 Why You Need This in Your Life 

I've walked a mile (or 47) in your shoes, feeling every bit of that checkout abandonment heartbreak. You worked really hard to get people to click that "buy now" button, only to have them distracted by a sick kiddo, a call from their mom, or a bird pooping on their head. 🤷‍♀️

But here’s the good news... This workshop has everything you need to succeed.

🎯 After the Abandoned Cart Email Templates & Workshop, you'll...

  • Guide people to complete their purchase (without being pushy!)
  • Say just the right things in your emails
  • Know how many to abandoned cart emails send when to send them
  • Use specific replies to increase conversions on your sales page
  • Hook your audience with subject lines that are designed to get opened
  • …and more!

🗣️ Don't Just Take My Word for It 

This isn’t just hype. This is a sequence I use over and over for me and my clients. It consistently converts over 20%, sometimes even as high as 30%. It's the first tool in my toolbelt for increasing email marketing results.

“Monica made it so easy with her templates & style of teaching, it actually took no time at all for me to complete. I now no longer need to worry about this part of my funnel & can focus on serving my audience.”
- Renée S. (Soul Alchemy Branding)


Dive into the Abandoned Cart Templates & Workshop and make those abandoned carts a thing of the past. Let's do this! 🌈🛒

Have Questions? Let's Answer Them!

💁‍♀️ What Is Included in the Workshop?

The workshop includes a comprehensive 3-hour on-demand session designed to get your abandoned cart automation set up and running. You'll walk away with the knowledge and steps completed for your automation. Plus, you'll receive a 4-part abandoned cart email series template, filled with actionable content to turn lost sales into wins.

💁‍♀️ Who Is This Workshop For?

If you've been puzzled by high traffic but low conversion rates, this workshop is your solution. It's perfect for online entrepreneurs and marketers who want to convert those "almost" moments into sales. Whether you're new to email marketing or looking to refine your strategy, this workshop will provide valuable insights and tools.

💁‍♀️ How Will This Workshop Help Me?

Beyond guiding you to complete your purchase automation, this workshop teaches you the art of persuasive email writing. You'll learn how many abandoned cart emails to send, the optimal timing for them, how to craft irresistible subject lines, and the right responses to increase conversions on your sales page.

💁‍♀️ Can I Really Set Up My Automation in Just 90 Minutes?

Yes! The workshop is designed to be highly actionable. With Monica's templates and teaching style, past participants like Dama J and Renée S. have been able to implement their strategies quickly, allowing them to focus more on serving their audience.

💁‍♀️ How Effective Are These Email Templates?

These aren’t just any templates; they are proven to convert. Monica, the creator, has used these for herself and her clients, consistently seeing conversion rates over 20%, and sometimes as high as 30%. It's a tried-and-true method for boosting your email marketing results.

💁‍♀️ Is the Abandoned Cart Workshop relevant to service offers or just digital products sold online?

Great question! If your service offer has a checkout, then it would be relevant. If your service requires a sales call, it would not.

💁‍♀️ What Makes This Workshop Different?

This isn't just about learning; it's about doing. You won't just watch videos and hope to apply the knowledge later. You'll actively set up your email automation during the workshop, with Monica's expert guidance and effective templates. It's hands-on learning with real-time results.

Dive into the Abandoned Cart Email Templates & Workshop and transform those lost opportunities into loyal customers. Let's make checkout abandonment a story of the past and open the door to a world of automated income and customer satisfaction.

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Customer Reviews

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Dara Sklar
Do Not Sell Anything Without this High-Converting Abandoned Cart Funnel

It's so easy to just "move on to the next thing" instead of optimizing what you're already selling. I'm here to remind you NOT TO DO THAT! Abandoned Cart Emails are the perfect example of this.

When I first launched my course, I half-assed my abandoned cart emails, but when I finally took an afternoon and rolled out Monica's strategy and templates, my conversions jumped more than 50%. Prioritize doing this and using these templates, you'll be so very happy you did!

Converts at 29.4%

I use this email sequence on every monthly launch I do. It works every time, converting between 20% - 29+%. It's easy to write and get put into my ActiveCampaign. I highly recommend this, it is the best 3 hours you can spend on your email marketing systems!